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The service delivery corporation known as the Ontario Métis Aboriginal Association was forced into receivership in 2007. Up until then, the corporation was active in countless communities, delivering several social and economic programs on behalf of the government. However due to baseless accusations and political agendas, the corporation was targeted by the government and relentlessly audited and investigated.

After the investigation was concluded, the RCMP's finding was that there was no wrong-doing, but regrettably the damage had already been done. Funding to the corporation was cut during the investigations, all of our records were seized, and with no funding or the corporation fell into receivership.

Although the Ontario Métis Aboriginal Association may be gone, the Woodland Métis Tribe is alive and well and our dedicated members feel that it is our solemn duty to rebuild our organization, but this time, WITHOUT the help of any Federal or Provincial funding. Our past dependence on government funding was the cause of our demise and it can never be allowed to happen again.

That’s why we need you, our members, more than ever. Our goal is to build a strong, lean tribal organization supported exclusively by our membership so that we can continue the fight for our rights and pursue justice to highest courts of the land without the fear of recrimination or reprisal from government agencies feeling threatened by our commitment and resolve.

The Powley case which went to the Supreme Court of Canada, had its roots in the fact that Powley held an OMAA membership card which gave him the rights to hunt moose. The Supreme Court of Canada upheld that fact. Over the years the Woodland Métis Tribe has been involved in over 200 similar legal cases, all with the intent of protecting our membership.

With your support, we will continue to be a powerful advocate of your rights, ensuring that our voices are never silenced and that our rights, and the rights of our children are pursued relentlessly.

Watch for more important news coming soon...

Thank you for your consideration and support!

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